YATRA To LUMBINI – The Origin of Buddhism and Peace

This book “YATRA (Sanskrit: यात्रा, ‘journey’, ‘procession’) to Lumbini – The Origin of Buddhism and Peace” provides a valuable window on information assurance and covers the necessary components about Lumbini historical point of view and some archaeological investigations and excavations, which was conducted by UNESCO in corporation with the Department of archaeology of Nepal government and the Lumbini Development Trust. Also there is useful information’s about how to visit Lumbini, contact no of hotels/lodges in Lumbini areas, visa process for foreigners in general.

There is still the confusions and misinformation’s spread in the international community, school and college curricula about the Buddha and the birth place of Lumbini. So the Nepal government and all concerned authorities should also keep close eyes on school and college curricula exclusively on matters relating to the birth place of the Buddha, Lumbini with foreign countries with diplomatic ways, so that coming generations would receive correct information and no chances would be left wide open for any kind of antagonism between the peoples of those countries.

ISBN No. : 9789937045230 Copyright © 2018 by Bashu Dev Deshar, Ph.D.

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