फूल, चन्दन, चमेली आदिको बास हावा नपुगेको ठाउँमा जान सक्तैन किन्तु सत्पुरुषको सौजन्यरूपी सुगन्ध दशैँ दिशामा फैलिन्छ ।

पुप्फ़वग्गो (फ़ूलवर्ग)

The scent of flowers cannot go against the wind; nor the scent of sandalwood, nor of rhododendron (tagara), nor of jasmin (mallika); only the reputation of good people can go against the wind. The reputation of the virtuous ones (sappurisa) is wafted abroad in all directions. (Dhammapada, Pupphavagga, Verse 54)


(ダンマパダ 4  54)

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